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Directors UK & ARRI take a punt on Paul

In a spot of good news for the start of 2017 Paul has been selected to take part in the Challenge Alexa competition run by Directors UK and ARRI.

Winning an extensive Alexa camera package and a set of delicious anamorphic lenses for a two day shoot, Paul is in prep for his short film 'Gypsy's Kiss' a film about an elderly widow who reasserts her own sense of independence with a surprisingly unconventional yearly pilgrimage to her late husband's grave.

Producer Audrey Davenport is currently seeking budget and financing from brands she's worked with in the past, and Paul is beginning the casting process and searching for collaborators for the project.

The film is shooting end of March with an industry screening at Directors UK at the end of April.

We'll keep you updated with progress of the project here.

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